S-World 2011-2012 Index – ‘The Spartan Theory’

S-World 2011-2012 Index – ‘The Spartan Theory’

By Nick Ray Ball January 2011 to May 2012


S-World & American Butterfly Summary

A business plan for networking software destined for VIRGIN in Feb 2011, took a disruptive course, when a Virtual World concept and a healthy dose of spirituality collided into the creation of S-World Virtual Network, the most macro of macroeconomic hypothesis.

Which aided by a touch of what we now call ‘financial gravity’ saw at first, a theory on the Greek economy and later a theory for the USA debt problem. Along the way we look at integrations with Google and Facebook. We played with Chaos Theory and The Butterfly Effect and wrote our first physics first economic blueprint and presented our first special project in article labelled ‘Cities of Science.’ Creating property developments is one way how we would spread the network to many industries, as all who build or resides within the networks must use the networking software. And all development must be an ecological improvement.

Why was it first called The Spartan Theory?

The Spartan Theory came in chapter 2, along with a time of spirituality run-a-mock, it was a peace initiative, that completed the first 11 point economic plan. Which says, instead of war and terror, in a war, each side must send 300 unarmed fighters onto the battlefield and see who wins!!! It was followed by many other ways to benefit society our complexity and our planet, including our first in progress special project Experience Africa, which intends to raise $100,000,000 a year for the fight against irony poachers.

Here is quite that gave us purpose and influenced our every move, by Isaac Asimov

“You may not predict what an individual may do, but you can put in motion, things that will move the masses in a direction that is desired, thus shaping if not predicting the future.”

The Spartan Theory – Told in 3 parts and 42 Chapters

January 2011 to May 2012

Pre-Spartan Theory

1. The VIRGIN Business plan Jan to March 2011

The Spartan Theory Part 1


‘Sienna Coming Soon’ on Cape Villas.com March to April 2011
2.  The Spartan Theory April to May 2011
3.  The Google Business Plan May to June 2011
4.  A Change of Direction June 2011
5.  The Return of Sanity June 2011
6.  The Come Back Kids June – July 2011
7.  Change The World July 2011
8.  SIS (Spiritually Inspired Software) July 2011
9.  The end of the road July 2011
10.  The Return of Insanity July 2011
11.  Facebook Virtual Network Presentation July 2011
12.  First we build a strong foundation August 2011
13.  S-world has been sent to facebook August 2011
14.  facebook travel August 2011
15.  facebook business development August 2011

The Spartan Theory Part 2

Sparta Rises Again

16.  Saving Greece March – Sept 2011
17.  The introduction of “Chaos Theory” September 2011
18.  “Chaos Theory” for Dummies (like me) “How to change the weather” November 2011
19.  E x TOE = MC2 + TOE/∞ -16 = 16 PPG September 2011
20.  The Beautiful Butterfly Effect November 2011
21.  “Sparta Rises Again” September 2011
22.  EEE – The Economy for the next 14 Billion year November 2011
23.  The Micro Business plan November 2011
24.  Cities of Science December 2011
25.  Yes Minister December 2011
26.  The Big Digits – The Mathematical Science of Chaos Theory December 2011
27.  The Agent (All About Eve) December 2011
28.  The Story so far December 2011

“The Spartan Theory”. Part 3:

American Butterfly

29.  2012 – And so it begins 1st January 2012
30.  Predictive Quantum Software (PQS) 9th January 2012
31.  Applied EEE 17th January 2012
32.  USA Profitability 25th January 2012
33.  We Have Lift Off 1st February 2012
34.  “American Butterfly” (Beta Version: 1.01) 8th February 2012
35.  Times are a Changing 17th February 2012
36.  The Purple Emperor 23rd February 2012
37.  Sports Media, Energy and Executive Summary 13th March 2012
38.  The Lead Out 19th March 2012
39.  The Black Hole 8th April 2012
40.  Chasing Dragonflies 16th April 2012
41.  American Butterfly V1.02 (Incomplete Draught) April – May 2012
42.  Einstein says….. (First Draught) April – May 2012