The Villa Secrets’ Secret

The Villa Secrets’ Secret

Business Plan & Operations Manual


By Nick Ray Ball 17th July 2017

Illustrated Super Summary
25 Chapters in 1,568 Words

Version 1.01



Chapter 1. The S-Web CMS Framework

The S-Web CMS framework is different, because instead of creating a website and adding complex software; our software is created within the website. This enables us to do amazing things and create websites that look awesome, and are ultra-simple to create or update.



Chapter 2. Villa Secrets Network

There are hundreds of primary network locations such as Cape Town and California. In which we create a primary network (usually with a real estate agent) and add networks of many small local companies in different real estate & travel industry niches, with their own S-Web site & software.



Chapter 3. Mandate Marketing

Over 50% of rental commission from mandates is spent on increasing the desirability of each property. And because of this prestige marketing, rental mandates turn to sales. There’s a lot at stake for Real Estate agencies, as they make all the sales for all the companies in the network.



Chapter 4. S-Web CDS™ (Content Delivery System)

An entirely unique system. Watch this two-minute video to see how agents and clients can turn their ‘favourites list’ into a unique webpages, and watch to see us create an magazine article in less than a minute.



5. The Villas Cloud™

The Villas Cloud currently gives online availability to clients & agents via the PMS (property management system) MyBookingPal. The Villas Cloud will grow to include tens, then hundreds of PMSs creating a magnificent collection of the world’s leading luxury villas and private islands.



6. S-World CRM-AI™ Agent’s Assistant and Automated Booking System

Automates the booking process, created to make one person perform the job of two in half the time with twice the efficiency, removes the need for agents to have experience & and allows agents to easily answer enquiries on the road or outside of work hours.



7. The TFS™ – Total Financial System

A primary objective of S-World Villa Secrets is to create a simple financial system as a part of the web framework, that provides managers with weekly management accounts, and avoids human error. Stage 1 due for release four months after the sale of the first primary network.



8. Villa Secrets Property Managers and Owners

For industry leading villas, safaris, and private islands where a mandate is not an option; we create S-Web solutions enabling them to make multi-leg bookings or bookings in other properties when they are full, and generating significant residual income for managers and owners alike.



9. S-World CRM-CC ™- The Company Controller

From bookings to the mandate recruitment process, the CRM-CC™ applies ‘The Hawthorne Effect’
(people work harder when they are being observed), organises, and motivates the whole team; exponentially increasing efficiency as a few do the job of many (due in March 2018).



10. S-Wold UCS™ – Simplicity, Addictiveness, Fun Level & Ease of Use

S-World UCS™ applies points to bookings made, mandates won, and tasks completed within a gaming environment between all personnel. Each day is a new day and a day that anyone can win. More wins, more profit share (created within S-World CRM-CC™ – due in March 2018).



11. Social Networking & Newsletters

Because the S-Web CDS™ can create in-depth visually rich articles in minutes, mangers & staff can frequently and automatically deliver this content to social networks, and make newsletters for clients scoring points for each syndication.



12. Concierge, Hospitality, PR, Film, and Social Media

Creating a world class concierge department is expensive, logistically challenging, and requires strong owner-led management. By creating this department as its own company and extending its directive to film, PR, and social media; we can build a first-rate and very productive service.



13. Call Centre, Live Chat & Content Marketing

The multilingual Villa Secrets call centre, powered by the CRM-Ai, recruits great writers who are not afraid to sell. Who, when not answering calls or on live chat, can create increasingly more content from the CDS™ to distribute. Starting simply and in time moving to 24/7 365 days a year.



14. S-World TBS™ – Total Business Systems

An itemised collection of all 81 systems under one roof, giving each Villa Secrets company equivalent or better systems vs. the big boys. Allowing stakeholders to focus on their strengths, realize their potential while avoiding problems & landmines. Greatly increases ROI from adverting.



15. Marketing, SEM & Advertising

As the TBS™ is designed to increase enquiries received from adverting efforts and bookings made from enquiries, all the advertising is more effective. Complete domination of Google AdWords and other SEM (search engine marketing) opertunities is just the beginning.



16. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

With over 5000 views from just a single photo from Google’s (free) search, Villa and other S-Web products have all the makings of a great SEO product. S-Web is a long-term strategy building for the future, working strictly within Google’s ‘create great content’ links SEO guidelines.



17. Content Marketing & SEO

Fuelled by S-Web CDS™ and our content team, content marketing is the only link building SEO strategy Google advocates: Create well written & visually superb content. Syndicate it and wait for the doorbell to ring. Plus, clients are more likely to buy in the first place if products look superior.



18. S-World Publishing

Following on the heels of our last Condé Nast distributed publication, Villa Secrets is moving from magazine to Coffee Table Book; featuring multi-leg exclusive use luxury vacation experiences, architect profiles, private islands, and luxury brands product placed within the properties.



19a. Luxury Villa Rental Agencies (Primary Network Opportunity)

Now for the product itself, the Primary Network bundled solution: 9 gorgeous agency websites
(50% of which will eventually be owned by key staff and directors), a mandates initiative that can provide over 50 mandates opportunities per year, and the 81 TBS™ systems.


19b. Luxury Villa Rental Agencies – Scenario 7 – Phase 1

Scenario 7 is a financial forecast with over 1000 variables. For each variable, we either use real world values from our 15 years’ experience in the field; lowball estimates for theoretical income or a higher than expected cost for theoretical expenses. Always seeking to under estimate and over deliver. For instance, in phase 1 (which we wish to complete by 2019) we cautiously estimate only 6 mandates from the 50 opportunities, whereas in reality we should expect about 25.

Phase 1 is to make R10million / $750,000 in commission (Gross Profit) within a year, we desire to achieve this in 2018. However, because phase 1 is all about getting to phase 2, we recommend all of the 25% profit that is forecasted be used as profit share incentives and for prestige marketing.


19c. Scenario 7 – Phase 2

Phase 2 continues the under promise over deliver formula of phase 1, and adds only 6 mandates a year to create 12 mandates by the end of 2019. This, plus the 9 agency websites and the TBS™ software, plus the human power of the 8 or more directors who own equity in the agency websites pushing as hard as they can to unlock their potential; creates an extremely prestigious primary network that at the latest count generates R14million / $1.1million discretionary cash flow. Fifty percent of which returns $550,000 to the primary network investors each year. This includes all pre-corporation-tax expenses including the ongoing +/- 2.5% of turnover development contribution, which Villa Secrets Ltd. receives.


20. Price and Value

There is no way one could make the systems design, all the websites, and all the software fully complete for under $10 million. However, this opportunity costs just $168,000. A $42,000 deposit with the balance paid relative to systems completed and websites delivered over 16 months.



21. Prestige & Jet Set Marketing

Prestige marketing sees properties in lifestyle magazines & our coffee table book, broadcast quality videos & luxury brand association made into a ‘real estate agents’ packs,’ so turning rental mandate into sales mandates. Jet Set marketing brings more jet set buyers to our locations.



22. Real Estate Systems and Wins

In Cape Town we strategize that in 2020 rental mandates turned into sales will generate 12 new sales, which would increase the number of luxury villas sold by a leading estate agency by 70%. However, if we deliver on our Jet Set marketing initiatives, sales could be a lot more…



23. Development Timetable

Given a October 2017 start systems will be ready by: S-World TFS™ in Dec 2017, CRM-Ai™ in Jan 2018, CRM-CC™ & UCS™ in Apr 2017, CRM-Ai™ App in June 2018, Website 4 in Jun 2018, Websites 5 & 6 in Aug 2018, Websites 7 to 9 in Oct 2019, and CRM-CC™ & UCS™ App in Dec 2018.



24. Be Easy to Buy From

From a eureka moment in 2009, eight years of refinement and development makes not just a great value product but also a simple product; that does not create disruption within the investing real estate agencies organization, is fantastically low risk, and extremely easy to buy.



25. Gain Consensus across Partner Organization

The final stage of ‘The Villa Secrets’ Secret is about gaining a ‘hell year’ from each department within the investing organization, with different chapters created for different departments and stakeholders; chapter 1 for IT to assess, chapter 3 is for stakeholders & agents, and so on.