Chapter 5. The Villas Cloud™

The Villas Cloud currently gives online availability to clients & agents via the PMS (property management system) MyBookingPal. The Villas Cloud will grow to include tens, then hundreds of PMSs creating a magnificent collection of the world’s leading luxury villas and private islands.



  1. Chapter 5. The Villas Cloud™

    1. Chapter 5a. Is unique because…
    2. Chapter 5b. The S-World Villas Cloud

Chapter 5. The Villas Cloud™


Chapter 5a. Is unique because…

Identify Problem /Present Missed Opportunities / Avoid potential Landmines

1. Opportunity to make bookings for villas, private islands, resorts, and safaris without the need for an agent.

2. Solve the problem of agents, spending time looking through multiple online databases and/or personally contacting a variety of property managers or owners to present best options to clients.

3. Solves the problem of clients coming to our websites and not finding available options that can be booked there and then, like they would find on sites such as

4. Creates opportunity for agents of one niche, say ‘villa rentals,’ to be able to present options from another niche, say ‘safaris’ that are available for their stay.

5. Creates the opportunity for real estate agents to also present villas to stay in for African Experiences to their international clients.

6. Solves the problem of the need to hire experienced agents.

7. Creates the opportunity for an international call centre and live chat station to make bookings directly.

8. Solves the problem of booking channels not wishing to work with companies that also are a property management system.

Is Unique Because…

1. The Villas Cloud will be unique as it will become a handful of different S-World companies separately owned, thus avoiding existing big players insisting that one cannot be both a distribution channel and a property management system at the same time.

2. The Villas Cloud is unique as it has a one price suits all function, where a client has only to entre one price, which is seasonally adjusted to the different seasons.

3. The Villas Cloud is unique due to the scale of the commander’s intent, to connect to all, or at least 100 Property Management Systems about the same amount of booking channels, and as many channels again for safari & hotel channel management systems.

4. Create APIs for at least 1,000 real estate companies’ databases and more than 1,000 villa rental agencies.

5. The Villas Cloud is unique as it is part of the S-World VBN™ Virtual Business Network that in time will seek to connect every inventory database on the planet.

Is a Solution to…

1. Some existing big players in the market, will not connect to systems that are both distribution channels and property management systems.

2. Being able to hire staff with good sales skills, but no experience in the real estate and luxury travel industries.

Chapter 5b. The S-World Villas Cloud

S-World Villas Cloud

Thus far on Network.VillaSecrets, the business development presentation for Villa Secrets, the Villas Cloud, has had only the slightest of mentions with under 250 words presented.

However, if we were to go back in time to mid July 2015 and the beginning of this Villa Secrets presentation, we find that after a broad introduction, the first system specified was the ‘ Villas Cloud’ in a 44-page document called ‘Villas Cloud – PMS 003.’

The primary reason for barely including the ‘ Villas Cloud’ on Network.VillaSecrets has been primarily, as we found from MyBookingPal, that some large players in the industry would not give them access to their systems if they were actively marketing a competing PMS (property management system) product.

However, in answer to this potential landmine, the Villas Cloud is to be a separate company to Villas Secrets and will most likely be a broad description of a number of different companies, each independently owned focusing on different parts to the equation.

Since July 2015, the Villas Cloud has set its sights on accomplishing the following:

1. Villas Tech: Connecting Villa Secrets Network companies to existing property management systems & booking channels.

2. Villas Cloud: A Property Management System (not unlike Kigo) for owners, managers, and agencies to add their inventory to.

a. Villas Cloud for Property Sales

3. Villas Specialist: Is the Agency system that inspired what is now the CRM-Ai App.

4. Luxury Villas Pro: Giving individual villas and property managers systems to book alternate villas when their villa is booked or is otherwise unsuitable.

Since creating the 2015 spec, we have so far connected one system, ‘MyBookingPal,’ to Villas Secrets; and in so doing, created our system in such a way that we can connect to most any system given enough programmers.

We have made little development headway on the Villas Cloud, aside from a clever pricing system. However, we are experienced in this field, having developed the Cape Villas property management system in 2005. We have more than proven our metal in CMS creation, and we can expect the Villas Cloud to be as equally simple, functional, and beautiful as our other systems.

Villa Specialist is well under way, as is Luxury Villas Pro.

In addition, we require Villas Tech to also connect to real estate agencies and vacation rental agencies’ databases, often on an individual basis. Eventually leading to thousands of individual connections.

In further addition, under the broader scope of M-Systems, we need to connect to databases in other industries. One ace up our sleeve for this seemingly impossible of tasks is My S-Web described later.

For all Villas Cloud systems, we are using commander’s internet; in that for this system, instead of creating detailed specifications (except for the Villas Cloud PMS), we present the broad objectives and seek to find partners who can accomplish the task.