Chapter 9. S-World CRM-CC ™- The Company Controller

From bookings to the mandate recruitment process, the CRM-CC™ applies ‘The Hawthorne Effect’
(people work harder when they are being observed), organises, and motivates the whole team; exponentially increasing efficiency as a few do the job of many (due in March 2018).



  1. Chapter 9. S-World CRM-Nudge CC ™

    1. Identify Problem | Is Unique | Is a Solution to…
    2. S-World CRM-Nudge CC ™ (The Company Controller)
    3. M-System 11. QuESC – The Quantum Economic System Core (Ai)

    4. S-World CRM-CC ™ (Company Controller)

    5. Sole Mandate & Best STO Deal Preparation
    6. Villa Rentals Agent Options
    7. All Travel Options and Contacts

Chapter 9. S-World CRM-Nudge CC ™

Customer Relationship Software – Company Controller

Taking control of the entire company

S-World CRM - TM

Key Challenges:

Identify Problem /Present Missed Opportunities / Avoid Potential Landmines

1. Organizing a villa rentals division has proved difficult for many real estate companies.

• Whilst there are hundreds of software products for property management companies, there is no dedicated software for villa rental agencies.

• Even when one has organised a rentals division to coordinate and get the best out of the team, one needs solid and usually expensive management.

• This system is designed to navigate the procurement of the mandates process.

• Allows for staff to work from home and yet still be coordinated.

Is Unique or performs better than competitors because…

• S-World CMS-Nudge CC™ is specifically designed to run and manage all the staff within a vacation rentals business.

Key benefits and/or is a Solution to…

• Makes the running of a villa rentals division simple

• Keeps costs down

• Increases productivity

• Allows for greater collaboration

S-World CRM CC ™ (The Company Controller)

S-World-CRM - TM

Welcome to the S-World CRM-CC ‘Company Controller,’ taking control of each Villa Secrets partner company.

In Chapter 6, we saw how the S-World CRM-Nudge Ai™ allows a good sales person (without experience in the industry or niche) to take control of the booking process in all waking hours; effectively doing the job of a small sales team on their own with great efficiency. This not only saves the company money on the sales team, it also saves money on your ‘star rep’; as if they are doing the job of three with greater efficiency, their net income will be more than double. And as such, one can present a lower commission rate in the first place, and this single point can be considered a 10% saving to the bottom line, 10% that may be used to incentivise mandate recruiters.

In this chapter, we look at the CRM user options and the S-World CRM-CC™, the ‘Company Controller’; which, at this point in time, is set for creation straight after the completion of the CRM-Ai™ and before we create the S-World TFS™ (Total Financial Systems). Our reasoning for this is that we are currently approaching big companies who have adequate financial knowledge to manage the bookings and salaries. Whereas when it comes to the same company guiding/managing their new mandate recruiting rentals company, one either needs an expensive MD or C Level manager. Instead, we extend the S-World CRM to manage the entire department, in the same super simple and effective way it is set to manage the booking process.

This solution I have named the S-World CRM-CC™ and this is again part ‘Nick-Ray-bot,’ as it automates the tasks that we need to accomplish, per my desire. This system also incorporates the M-System 11. QuESC, which will improve the systems after judging the actions performed in different ways, processing the data, and changing the advice presented to the company’s personnel based on prior experience, continually improving.

This has been a desired feature of this system since 2011, and was a key factor in 2012 in the book Spiritually Inspired Software and now Angel Theory – Paradigm Shift.

M-System 11. QuESC – The Quantum Economic System Core (Ai)


To know where you’re going, you need to know where you’ve come from, before we get into detail, let’s have a look at the history…

1. In 2011, after 8 years running (2002 to 2010); and in 2010, creating a copy of our website for Sotheby’s Realty Cape Town on a profit share basis, it did not take a genius to figure that creating many such websites for different companies across the world was a good prospect. However, it was pointless trying to grow the business in this direction without a solid software platform that was a cross between a financial system, a CRM, and a hospitality department. So, in March 2011, I designed the first basic system design.

2. About 18 months later, after much work on how to grow the network, I took influence from the butterfly effect, string and quantum theory; the results of which were presented within two books: Spiritually Inspired Software. & The Network of a String. This was the beginning of the Ai, and the idea that we would learn from the humans who used the system, analyse their data, and create improved advice and options for future actions in a continuous cycle of improvement, as is illustrated by the butterfly on the graphic above.

3. In 2015, after developing the Villa Secrets web framework, the CMS, various systems and a JQueryMobile website; I started to plan the CRM, seen here in over 4 hours of video, in a product called ‘The Divergent CRM.’

4. In 2016, this design was updated to the TFBMS and the Sienna- Bot, including the S-World TMS™ (Total Marketing System) which added 21 systems that either saved money, made money or mitigated risk, and the TFBS™ (Total Financial & Business Systems) which added a further 20 systems which either saved money, made money or mitigated risk. These systems are now found within ‘The Villa Secrets’ Secret,’ Chapter 14. The S-World TBS™ and Book 4 of Angel Theory – Paradigm Shift (2018)

5. In early 2017, the S-World CRM™ Ai and TBS™ functions were presented with the Technology Summary.

6. Soon after we completed the S-Web CDS™ (Content Delivery System) which became the foundation of the CRM-Ai™, now the CRM-Nudge Ai™.

S-World CRM-CC ™ (Company Controller)

Like the CRM-AI™, we are developing this system ‘Mobile First.’ And by designing in this way, we create the functionality in a way that is perfect for mobile.

Below, on the left, we see the design for the CRM-CC™ (Company Controller). The second icon you see, ‘Rentals,’ would lead you to the CRM-Ai™. The rest of the icons lead to different user types or functions including; Training, Villa Rentals, Portfolio Management, Mandate and Best STO acquisition, Concierge, Hospitality, Media Production, Marketing Objectives, Property Managers, Magazine Creation, Partner Deals, Admin, Financial*, Stats and Sales funnels, Managers, & the Board of Directors.

In the initial product, we are only including functions we can create quickly; whilst one may think that creating 15 additional user types would take 15 times as long as it does to create the CRM-Ai™, that may be the case in the long run. But all we require right now is a calendar & planner with deal steps and targets.

S-World CRM-tm

In a way, this is another version of the ‘Nick-Ray-bot’ (Nick Ray Ball is a box), a tool designed for me to assign tasks and monitor progress. I have been working like this (albeit is a less sophisticated manner) with my copywriter in the Philippines and my programmers and designers in India for years.

Day Planner and Alerts

One of the big tricks is to create the calendaring in a way that has ‘important tasks’ and ‘tasks that are useful, but not essential.’ So, if a task takes longer or is delayed, the entire timeline can be shifted back, keeping the important date sensitive tasks, and tasks that require collaboration in their original dates. To accomplish this, we start by spreading out the essential tasks with plenty of time in-between each, which is filled with useful tasks such as prospecting for new villas and mandates. And if there is a delay, all the non-essential tasks get moved back, whilst the essential and time sensitive tasks stay in place.

S World CRM

Above left, we see the day planner in task mode, which assigns different colours to different task based on importance. Green is for an important regular task that should not be missed. In blue, we see tasks assigned that can be put back if a more pressing task arises, or if a previous important task has overrun. Then in red, we have tasks that are very important, usually involving a meeting, collaboration, or a deadline.

In this scenario, the staff member with the dual role of copywriter and portfolio manager has a meeting with a property manager at a villa at 11 a.m. to 12.30 a.m.

Above right, we see the alert that beeps and pops up at the end of the task time, from which the user can click ‘Task Complete’ (which will update the corresponding deal), or ‘Go To Deal,’ ‘Extend Time,’ or ‘Reschedule.’

Sole Mandate & Best STO Deal Preparation

STO stands for ‘Standard Tour Operator Discount’ and is the difference between the ‘public rate’ charged by the property and the discounted rate offered to the agency.

In the graphic below, we see the ‘deals’ page which will have automatically updated as soon as the copywriter / portfolio manager has clicked ‘Task Complete’ on the previous page; moving deal stage 8 from Red ‘not complete’ to ‘green complete.’ As the deal stage is currently in progress, it is in blue.

There are 11 different stages to this process that happen before we pitch for a mandate: 1. New property identified, 2. Basic details received, 3. Got images, 4. Qualifying assessment 1 to 10, where we prioritise higher numbered properties; 5. Sunset photo shoot, 6. Daytime Photoshoot, 7. Add photos to webpage, 8. On site article, 9. Publish web page, 10. Owner edits/ approval, and 11. Magazine article & Homepage.

S world - CRM

This last deal stage is where magic can happen. Not only will the villa webpage look this awesome; but in just a few minutes, we can create an online magazine article, presenting it as the featured villa in an illustrious company within a pan African mega article, which (sometimes temporarily) adds the property to the homage. When the web page, mega article, and homepage are presented; this is the point where the owners see Villa Secrets as the company that goes the extra mile. And that’s the time to start the pitch for a mandate, as an experienced and seasoned sales mandate specialist joins the portfolio manager to help bring home the opportunity, following a different deal path specific to the task.

Even if a mandate is not secured, one will have made better friends with the owner and may get a better STO or better bespoke discounts for quality bookings, and we have more great content.

This Concludes the S-World CRM-CC™ presentation.

However, we conclude with some graphics from the overall S-World CRM™. However, it needs to be pointed out that icons not previously presented are a job for ‘down the road.’

Villa Rentals Agent Options

Below, we see 2 pages of user options for Villa Secrets Rental Agents. On the left phone, we see the following: Search, My Lists, Messages, Enquiries, Telephone, Clients, Tasks, Modes, Magazine, Contacts, Bookings, New Bookings, Portfolio, Concierge, Deals, and Settings.

S World CRM-tm

On the right phone (accessed by swiping to the right), we continue with the following: Sales Tools, Training, S-Web CMS, S-Web CDS™, Partners, Finance, Travel Options, Stats including sales funnel, Property Managers, Jet Set Options, Safari options, Admin, Marketing, Media, Managers, and Mandates.

All Travel Options and Contacts

To conclude this presentation, we will take a look at two more pages due ‘down the road.’ On our left, we see ‘All Travel Options,’ this page is designed to offer the same experience as seen in the S-World CRM-Ai™ but substituting the journey from ‘Villas’ (vacation rentals) to the following options: Concierge, Villas, Jets, Safaris, Hotels, Private Islands, Resorts, Flights, Car Hire, Yachts, Trains, Cruises, Skiing, Romantic and Honeymoon experiences, Family options, and Weddings and Events.

No doubt this will take a lot of time to complete, not in terms of creating the App, but in creating all the APIs (connections) to travel databases (as is the job of the Villas Cloud team in chapter 5), then collating all the data, and presenting it within the websites. Plus, in many cases, we also need a firm grip on the logistics, particularly in areas such as safaris, jets, yachts, honeymoons and weddings; in which case, many services will not be on any form of database and we would encourage the services to use ours.

However, in the end, we will have a product from which anyone in any discipline can simply and with confidence book travel arrangements in any other discipline.

S-World CRM tm

Above right, we see a very cool function indeed, albeit this may turn out to be the most complex of all functions to program. This is the ‘all messages page’ which collates messages from all possible sources; email of course but also live chat, SMS, Facebook, Messenger, Skype, What’s App, etc.; with all the messages presented together a master messages page.