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Angel Theory V1. Paradigm Shift Book 4. The TBS ™ Total Business Systems S-World UCS ™ Hawthorne By Nick Ray Ball 14th June 2018 Index Chapter 10. S-World UCS™ S-World UCS™ Hawthorne S-World BES™ ‘Behavioral Economic Systems’ The Hawthorne Effect The Hawthorne Effect for HMRC Handicaps 5 Important UCS™ Hawthorne Chapters UCS Hawthorne – Villa […]


The Villa Secrets’ Secret PART 2 Chapters 2 to 9 In chapter 2 we touch on network development, then in chapter 3 we look at recruiting mandates, then chapters 4 to 9 tell of the various software and app designs. By Nick Ray Ball 25th April to 11th August 2017   BUSINESS PLAN & OPERATIONS […]


Chapter 1. The S-Web CMS Framework The S-Web CMS framework is different, because instead of creating a website and adding complex software; our software is created within the website. This enables us to do amazing things and create websites that look awesome, and are ultra-simple to create or update.


The Challenger Sale Step 6. ‘Our Solution’ Dixon & Adamson (The Challenger Sale): Finally, demonstrate how your solution is the best one out there, now you lay out the specific ways that you can deliver the solution better than anyone else. Our Solution Index… S-Web CMS Framework Part 1 A Combined Website and Software Framework […]


Step 5. A New Way Index 10 Problems 10 New Way Solutions Dixon & Adamson: Now it’s time to show the customer the solution, a point by point view of the specific capabilities they would need to have to benefit from the opportunity to make money, save money & mitigate risk that you are presenting. […]


Index Step 1. The Warmer Step 2: The Re-frame Step 3: Rational Drowning Step 4. Emotional Impact


Step 1. The Warmer Index Step 1. The Warmer Step 2: The Re-frame Step 3: Rational Drowning Step 4. Emotional Impact Dixon & Adamson: ‘Build credibility and show your prospective partners you understand their challenges. It’s an approach we have dubbed ‘hypothesis-based selling’ rather than leading with open ended questions about customer’s needs, instead lead […]


Chapter 25. Gain Consensus across Partner Organization The final stage of ‘The Villa Secrets’ Secret is about gaining a ‘hell year’ from each department within the investing organization, with different chapters created for different departments and stakeholders; chapter 1 for IT to assess, chapter 3 is for stakeholders & agents, and so on.


Chapter 24. Be Easy to Buy From From a eureka moment in 2009, eight years of refinement and development makes not just a great value product but also a simple product; that does not create disruption within the investing real estate agencies organization, is fantastically low risk, and extremely easy to buy.