The TFBMS & the Sienna-bot AI

The TFBMS & the Sienna-bot AI

(Total Financial, Business & Marketing System)

By Nick Ray Ball 17th December 2016


The TFBMS (Total Financial, Business & Marketing System) is a primary component within S-World & Villa Secrets, first described in March 2011 as ‘SIENNA SOFTWARE’, were after it has seen countless updates and revisions.

The TFBMS is the ‘financial, business and marketing system’ that combines with the S-Web framework, to create an advanced ‘all in one’ system design. This ‘all in one’ quality makes the TFBMS unique. What also makes it unique is that is that it being created for a specify industry, in this case ‘vacation rentals.’ Which makes it a lot simpler compered to products created for all industries, be they business CRM’s, financial software, or marketing software.

However, unlike S-Web at this point the TFBMS is mostly a system design, not a working prototype.


In February 2016 I created the a specification called ‘The Divergent CRM,’ then In August 2016 I created two papers, which together detailed over 40 different systems that would either increase income or efficiency, collectively making the TFBMS.

Part 1 the Total Marketing System and

Part 2 the Total Financial and Business System

Each of the 40 different components was given a high and a low assessment of how it would improve the gross profit of our prototype businesses. And two, three year financial forecasts were made, using only the lowest probabilities, see 3 year plan 4 & 3 year plan 5.

In both cases, the addition of the TFBMS created a great win for the companies, doubling enquires, reducing the enquiry to booking ratio by half and increasing sales efficiently, which on paper created an improvement greater than 400%.


Whilst the system may take over 3 years to create in its entirety, we will first create the components that have the most effect.

I have experimented with several systems, and now I am incorporating the S-Web article CMS with various TFBMS features to create ‘The Sienna Bot AI’

The TFBMS Sienna-Bot ‘AI’


The TFMBS Sienna-bot ‘AI’ is an automated sales assistant to help clients and our agents. It takes away most or even all the process of finding and presenting the right property to each client.

It incorporates the following points:

1. Articles CMS

The articles CMS is being created, to quickly create a beautiful magazine article featuring several different properties. One simply ad’s the property ID’s and a great looking magazine style page is created.

This system is easily customised as an auto generated webpage, where after the link can be sent to the clients, automatically by the system or manually by an agent. It would not take a great lot more, to automatically make the page into an email.

2. Online Villas

At this date we are about five weeks away from displaying the two largest Cape Town villa property databases on our websites, with live availability search. This will add availability details for 350 properties that can be searched for by clients and sales staff. Soon after we will add the third and last significant database. This alone will make the job of any new licensee or sales person 60% efficient. i.e. for 60% of enquires a sales person can immediately offer villas that are available on the three systems to clients, they simply need to offer the villas at the top of the list.

3. Bespoke Villas

To increase agents efficient further, in addition to the online villas are bespoke villas, villas that require an email or human contact for availability requests. For which we are creating a simple email system, where we use the client’s enquiry details to identify suitable villas and automatically send emails to them, with a simple ‘yes/no’ link which when ‘yes’ is clicked it tells our system the villa is available.

To increase agent efficiency further, we require the teams in Cape Town to seek out more bespoke villas and add them to our portfolio and wherever possible recruiting sole mandates, or mandates to manage the property on the booking systems.

4. Enquiry System

To create the functionality above, we need to upgrade our enquiry system, to capture important details such as the date and wish list items, such as a villa close to the beach, or suitable for families.

Where after entering the information, the client will be directed to an auto generated articles CMS page showing all ‘on line’ villas that are available, in a well-considered order.


Combing all the above, will make the sales process super-efficient, the client can search correctly in the first place and if they do not, then the correct page will appear after the enquiry.

If the client has not chosen a specific villa, about 5 minutes after the client enquired, an email will be automatically sent by the Sienna-Bot, presenting the best available system villas, and letting the client know that we have sent emails to say 50 bespoke villas, where after the client will be updated in real time by email (or in the client suite) as results come in.

As a result, a number of beautifully presented and relevant emails will be automatically sent to the client. Keeping the client focused on whichever Villa Secrets website they used. Which alongside the communication with the sales agent, will offer a great and timely service?

Of course, the sales person has the choice of just how much the Sienna Bot does. If the salesperson wishes the Sienna-Bot to act simply as an assistant, it can.