Villa Secrets & CTLV V6.02 – Quick Summary

Villa Secrets & CTLV V6.02 – Quick Summary

By Nick Ray Ball 13th December 2016


This ‘quick summary’ is an edit of this full article.

Welcome to Villa Secrets & CTLV.

I am looking for a team to run our CTLV website, and the Cape Town operations of our new flagship website alongside other opportunities.

In this document I have created a simple business plan based on previous financial results from CTLV, expected results from CapeTown.VillaSecrets, and importantly the acquisition of four or five exclusive property mandates each year for which we have a strong initiative.

1. Sole Mandates


We have a strong mandate recruiting plan presented in this video, Villa Secretes Magic Mandates (5.20 minutes) and this summary presents four further articles.

From assigning 10% of Gross Profit to mandate recruiters to our ZAR 1,000,000 development and marketing contribution for villa owners, including our 19 different ways to attract sole mandates and our special marketing pack for estate agents, created for use when the owner wishes to sell.

2. Three-year Financial Forecast


There are many variables to consider within any financial forecast, not least the quality and strength of the team running the business. The business requires a good sales person and a good networking mandate recruiter plus, a copywriter/live chat operator. Given we have the above staff, and 12 sole mandates are won over 3 years’ the financial forecast is:

1. Year one: Shareholder Profit = ZAR 1,250,000 (4 mandates)
2. Year two: Shareholder Profit = ZAR 2,200,000 (8 mandates)
3. Year two: Shareholder Profit = ZAR 3,000,000 (12 mandates)

3. Value & Cost of the CTLV & Villa Secrets Opportunity.


Based on the 2015 figures, Alders Atlantic business brokers valued CTLV at ZAR 3,200,000. And with 3 years more development, one only needs to look at Villa Secrets to see it is worth more.

But as we are eager to create an advanced prototype model to assist the setup of our international network we only require what we need. Which is the directors and staff as previously stated and start-up funding to fund the development side of the mandate initiative, plus office space.

4. Other Opportunities


1. 50% of
2. 25% of Cape
3. 50% of
4. South African and International websites


5. The Villa Secrets TFBMS

Total Financial Business & Marketing Software


The TFBMS is an advanced software design currently presented in two parts:
The TMS Total Marketing System
The TFBS Total Financial Business System

The TFBMS becomes a powerful profit multiplier, increasing enquires, increasing conversion rates, and saving money on administration. In the previous two financial forecasts, the effects were included into the forecast and profits nearly doubled. See Plan 4 and Plan 5

However, in this forecast, as the development of the TFBMS is not in the hands of the new company owner, we have not included its effects. They are to be considered a bonus.

6. SWOT Analyses


1. Strengths

a. Beautiful Villa Secrets
b. Super Simple CMS pages
c. Expert Google AdWords campaigns
d. SEO
e. Years of Experience:
f. Online booking and live availability

Please note that all current weaknesses and most threats are tuned into opportunities and strengths by following the business plan and development strategy.

2. Weaknesses

a. Poorly Organised Property Portfolio
b. No Villa Mandates
c. Old Financial System
d. No Office

3. Opportunities

a. State of the Art Mobile Website
b. The TFBMS
c. International Opportunities
d. The Villas Cloud Booking System
e. The Property Managers and other Networks

4. Threats

a. Airbnb
b. Other Companies like Airbnb
c. Local Competition

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