The Villa Secrets’ Secret


Chapters 2 to 9

In chapter 2 we touch on network development, then in chapter 3 we look at recruiting mandates, then chapters 4 to 9 tell of the various software and app designs.


By Nick Ray Ball 25th April to 11th August 2017





Angel Theory V1. Paradigm Shift

Book 4. The TBS ™ Total Business Systems

Book 4. Part 2. S-World Villa Secrets

Original Edition/First Draft

The Villa Secrets’ Secret

Chapter 2. Villa Secrets Network

There are hundreds of primary network locations such as Cape Town and California. In which we create a primary network (usually with a real estate agent) and add networks of many small local companies in different real estate & travel industry niches, with their own S-Web site & software.



Chapter 3. Mandate Marketing

Over 50% of rental commission from mandates is spent on increasing the desirability of each property. And because of this prestige marketing, rental mandates turn to sales. There’s a lot at stake for Real Estate agencies, as they make all the sales for all the companies in the network.



Chapter 4. S-Web CDS™ (Content Delivery System)

An entirely unique system. Watch this two-minute video to see how agents and clients can turn their ‘favourites list’ into a unique webpages, and watch to see us create an magazine article in less than a minute.



5. The Villas Cloud™

The Villas Cloud currently gives online availability to clients & agents via the PMS (property management system) MyBookingPal. The Villas Cloud will grow to include tens, then hundreds of PMSs creating a magnificent collection of the world’s leading luxury villas and private islands.



6. S-World CRM-AI™ Agent’s Assistant and Automated Booking System

Automates the booking process, created to make one person perform the job of two in half the time with twice the efficiency, removes the need for agents to have experience & and allows agents to easily answer enquiries on the road or outside of work hours.



7. The TFS™ – Total Financial System

A primary objective of S-World Villa Secrets is to create a simple financial system as a part of the web framework, that provides managers with weekly management accounts, and avoids human error. Stage 1 due for release four months after the sale of the first primary network.



8. Villa Secrets Property Managers and Owners

For industry leading villas, safaris, and private islands where a mandate is not an option; we create S-Web solutions enabling them to make multi-leg bookings or bookings in other properties when they are full, and generating significant residual income for managers and owners alike.



9. S-World CRM-CC ™- The Company Controller

From bookings to the mandate recruitment process, the CRM-CC™ applies ‘The Hawthorne Effect’
(people work harder when they are being observed), organises, and motivates the whole team; exponentially increasing efficiency as a few do the job of many (due in March 2018).