Cape Town Luxury Villas – Index and Summary


Cape Town Luxury Villas – Index and Summary

By Nick Ray Ball 17th March 2016

Cape Town Luxury Villas is an OTA (On-line Travel Agent) specialising in hi end vacation rentals in Cape Town, South Africa.

The business has done well , launched in March 2014, by 2015, in its first full year of trading it created turnover of $650,000, beating its parent website Cape , which has been trading since 2002. Generating Share Holder profit for 2 directors of $72,000

The perfect formula for any franchise or outright purchaser, a business that can be taken over without concern about the effects of the CEO’s direct influence. Indeed  this has been grooved twice, as since Feb 2016 a new management team have taken over and to date the new team are doubling both turnover and profit.

However, so far, we only have half the story, as the software and systems that have been specified and are in the development queue, VS Mobile, Magic Menus and the 93 profit increasing features within the Divergent CRM are reasonably presented as able to increase profits by 400 over 3 years.

Be it as a franchise or a independent company with access to the software updates, the future for Cape Town Luxury is very bright indeed.


  1. Brief History of Nick Ray Ball and Cape
    As Cape Town Luxury Villas , was created from the website and includes it’s sizeable portfolio of properties, Cape Villas history and the history of Cape Town Luxury Villas developer Nick Ray Ball are relevant.
  2. Introduction
    Development stared in February 2013, at first a complete copy of Cape was created. After which every line of code was re written according to Googles SEO guide, which included making the software ‘Magic Keywords’ a new Content Management System and a much improved product display.
    After a year of work, including a API link to the Razor Property Management System, an up to date and more attractive version of the website was created, which became an instant success when launched in March 2014
  3. Asset Value of the CTLV Website and Supporting Systems
    Web development took 1,673 hours which is valued at $95,000.
    The portfolio of villas in Cape Town, (which is now the largest of any agency), the supporting technologies, organic search engine position and the use of Cape as a staring point is valued at $94,000
  4. Financials and Management Accounts
    This page presents Cape Town Luxury Villas 2015 financials and 2016 management accounts.
    In 2015 Cape Town Luxury Villas recorded an income of $650,000, with Share Holder profit for 2 directors of $72,000. So far in 2016 figures are greater.
  5. 10 points to consider when selling a business
    Be it as a franchise or outright, Villa Secrets is considering selling Cape Town Luxury Villas. This page looks at 10 considerations by Aldes Atlantic Cape Town. are the leading business brokers in South Africa.
  6. 10 Ways to Maximize the Value of your Business
    On this page consider we consider and answer the points made on webpage:’10 Ways to maximize the value of your business‘ by Aldes Atlantic business brokers.
  7. Strategic Growth Plan for Cape Town Luxury Villas
    Considers content marketing, mandates, networking and the benefits of using the future Villa Secrets software, which can increase profit by 400% in three years
  8. 10 Advantages for Members of the Villa Secrets Network
    During the creation of the Strategic Growth Plan, it became clear that most profitable path for Cape Town Luxury Villas was to remain a part of the Villa Secrets Network. As a franchise receiving software updates for free, or a non-fee paying member, paying a pre arranged cost for all software updates.
    However their are more advantages to membership of Villas Secrets that software, 10 are presented on this page, to be elaborated upon at a later date.
  9. Pricing and Valuations
    On this page we consider different valuation methods. Which range from $117,000 to $791,000.We consider selling the business as a Villa Secrets franchise, including all software updates for $117,000. Or as an independent business without updates for $260,000

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