The Cape Town Villa Secrets Network


Welcome to the Cape Town Villa Secrets Network

by Nick Ray Ball 26th Aug 2016

Villa Secrets Cape town is a proven business model which we have been working on since 2002 with the launch of the website and our 2014 recreation of that website run by a new team which proved itself in 2014 and 2015.

In Cape Town we are now looking for a new team to run this website and others. In addition, we are looking to expand the network in other real estate related areas such as property sales & architecture.

Please note that some of the data on these pages has been updated or is simplified.

1. 19 ways Villa Secrets will attract Sole Mandates

Visit 19 ways Villa Secrets will attract Sole Mandates webpage

This page tells of 19 different ways the various companies in the ‘Cape Town Villa Secrets Network’ will recruit properties to our network. Not the least of which is our ZAR 600,000 ($41,000) three-year commitment to specifically marketing their Villa and developing their villas website, in part in preparation for sale at a favourable price.

2. CTLV 2017 to 2020 Financial Roadmap

Visit CTLV 2017 to 2020 Financial Roadmap webpage

This page presents a set of 5 spreadsheets and series of videos which present a road map to financial success for the ‘Luxury Villa Rentals’ company ‘CTLV.’ Which present a conservative shareholder discretionary income (net profit before tax) which we are confident will not be less that ZAR 4,000,000 (USD$ 275,000) in year 3. Note that for this forecast we created the M-System ‘quantum safe forecasting’

This income would increase in locations where property and rental values are higher, such as California, the Caribbean, Hawaii and exclusive location in the South of France.

3. Villa Secrets Cape Town Luxury Rentals – Basis of the agreement

Visit the Basis of the agreement webpage
This page is a little out of date, but is a good approximation of the basis of the agreement. Including details on the different companies, their unique marketing options and how the collection of companies makes each individual stronger.

This page also presents how the 25% of gross profit (+/-4.5% of turnover) is used and details the inspiration from Leonard Susskind which we call ‘The Susskind Boost.’ (M-Systems Part 3)

This page also presents POP, The Pressure of Profit Investment System (M-Systems Part 5)

4. Cape Town Luxury ‘2015’

Visit the Cape Town Luxury ‘2015’ webpage

This page leads to nine detailed pages about the performance of in 2015. This is the website we have tested as a franchise model and it provides the base financial information used in all financial projections.

Valued conservatively at ZAR 3,200,000 ($220,000) now a part of a set of three websites that will be under the control of the Cape Town Luxury Villa Rentals team.

Seeing as the two additional sites have two years more work that the prototype and as one can see from Villa the design is superior. If the 2014 site is valued at ZAR 3,200,000 ($220,000) then the addition of two superior 2016 sites should create a value at least three times as much.

5. Real Estate Companies

Webpage coming soon

Whilst the CTLV 2017 to 2020 Financial Roadmap is specifically created for a ‘Luxury Villa Rental’ company, it is also the basis for the Realtors income. The gaining of 8 high end villa mandates by Year 3 generates 38% of the turnover in and gross profit year 3.

In the case of Realtors, we would expect them to recruit more villas. If a realtor were to generate 20 high end and 10 top end villa mandates for rentals, this alone would generate over ZAR 10,000,000 ($700,000) in shareholder discretionary cash flow (pre-tax net profit). This is before considering the income gained from property sales.

See 19 ways Villa Secrets will attract Sole Mandates for more details on mandates.

Most Villa Secrets companies will recruit exclusive rental mandates. In most or all cases we expect the owners, given the incentives and logistics will allow an additional clause to say that when they want to sell, they will first offer an exclusive mandate to the network affiliated realtor or realtors.

This initiative will work best if the network affiliated realtor or realtors are the same as the villa owner may have picked in the first place. For that reason, we need the network affiliated realtor or realtors to be leaders in their field. Ideally the top Cape Town high end Estate Agency and the top Internally know affiliated Real Estate Agency, specifically Christies or Sotheby’s

With a target of 50 villas mandated to the network by the end of year 3 and most agreeing to the sales mandate, the realtors affiliated to Villa Secrets stand to make a good income from selling the villas.