Villa Secrets Forecasts and Scenarios

By Nick Ray Ball 27th Aug 2016 to 13th December 2016


In 2016 I created 6 financial forecasts for Villa Secrets, using different variables and conditions. Each forecast was its own business plan, to be followed and adjusted on a month by month basis. Hence these pages adopt the name; forecasting scenarios.

The first two forecasts and did not use what I call ‘Quantum Safe Forecasting’ which sounds a bit complex, but at this level its really very simple.

Quantum Safe Forecasting (QSF)

Quantum Safe Forecasting was inspired by professor Hawking’s book ‘The Grand Design’ and the laws of nature.

Its application in the Villa Secrets forecasting scenarios is simply to lower initial variables, so for instance where our prototype (CTLV) actually made $110,000 in gross profit I lowered this to $90,000 as by doing so, I increased the probability of creating an accurate or lower that actual forecast. In essence creating a system to under promise and over deliver.

Another part of QSF is that for all the TFBMS effects, I created a low and high forecast for each of the 41 effects, and again only included the low options for making the furcating scenarios.

As scenarios 1 and 2 did not use QSF, they have been delated from the equations and we pick up with scenario 3

Forecasting Scenario 3

By Nick Ray Ball 27th August 2016


In this forecast I restricted the amount of mandates a company can sign to 8, and used a combination of 3 websites, all advertised in Google;, and half the enquires from of Villa

We added some subscriptions, and a truck load of content marketing and other marketing activities. And applied the TFBMS Software using the lowest variables.

In this and all four scenarios we have added a 25% licence fee, but we use all of this for marketing in the first 3 years

lastly, we added a POP point at $250,000, where after making $250,000 additional profit made that year was dedicated to creating new companies or collectively invested in a Villa Secrets real estate development.

The results were

Shareholder Profit…

Year 1 = $80,000 | Year 2 = $155,000 | Year 3 = $315,000 | Year 4 = $390,000

In Year 3 income was divided:

Agency Income 59% | mandate Income 39% | Other 2%

Forecasting Scenario 4

By Nick Ray Ball 11th October 2016

business plan

In this detailed scenario accompanies by a series of video’s we use much the same system as we did for Version 3, but removed the mandate limitation and in year 3 work in the business gaining 18 mandates.

In addition, we updated this scenario by dedicating 25% of shareholder profit to 2 directors.

The results were

Shareholder Profit…

Year 1 = $80,000 | Year 2 = $290,000 | Year 3 = $750,000

In Year 3 income was divided:

Agency Income 29% | mandate Income 56% | Other 14%